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About | Jazz Dance Alliance

Greetings from Jazz Dance Alliance and the Jazz Dance Conference West. I am the Artistic Director. We are here to celebrate this most precious American art form, its evolution and powerful impact on our

culture. JDA is the umbrella organization that is sponsoring JDCW. We begin our journey with On Demand video jazz dance classes. Janell Burgess of Jazz Spectrum Dance (Orange County) and Joey

Doucette (Las Vegas) are the first choreographer/teachers we will showcase. These videos can be acquired on for a 48 hour period. Both instructors will also be teaching at our live

in person conference at the end of May.


Jazz Dance Conference West is a two day event that provides jazz technique classes in a variety of styles from professionals in the field. Two days of classes will culminate with a panel discussion and a Gala Jazz Dance Concert from professional Jazz Dance companies. As a dance professor at several universities and colleges, I’ve witnessed the declining representation of this art form in public venues for many years. My goal is to recharge the movers and shakers, to expose the public to the roots and extensions of this genre and move forward in creating relationships that will impact further developments in this field. I hope to provide education and inspire a networking paradigm to continue to honor the pioneers of jazz dancing and their protégés. Jazz Dance Alliance will continue to provide educational and performance opportunities to a variety of demographics both locally and internationally even after the conference has concluded. We were originally scheduled to launch this organization and conference in May 2020, but had to postpone due to the pandemic.


It is with great joy that I welcome you to Jazz Dance Alliance and Jazz Dance Conference West in 2022 at California State University Dominguez Hills in Carson, California. Co-sponsored by the Department of Theatre and Dance and

the College of Arts & Humanities.

- Jeff Hendrix

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