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Jerry Evans has worked as a dancer, choreographer and director for over 35 years. Soon after beginning his career as a dancer, Jerry became a favorite with top choreographers of the day. He was fortunate when legendary choreographer Michael Kidd offered him the chance to audition for a Mikhail Baryshnikov television special. He booked the gig!


Jerry now proudly claims having worked in every medium in which a dancer can work: every major awards show, every major television network; a myriad of concert arenas, distinguished nightclubs and showrooms, and some of the most prominent theatres across America.


Jerry is constantly in demand as a choreographer in film, television, commercials, music videos and live stage shows. Having choreographed numerous consecutive world tours for such artists as Reba McIntyre, Paula Abdul, and Chayanne, Jerry has proven himself to be a favorite with producers for his ability to work to deadline, coupled with a refusal to sacrifice quality results. High-energy dance, captivating stage work, and the ability to showcase performers have become the hallmarks of Jerry’s choreography, earning him industry wide respect and allowing him to elicit the highest quality performances from stars and support dancers alike. With more than 20 feature films, 15 music videos, and 50 commercials to his choreography credentials, Jerry’s reputation precedes him throughout the entertainment industry.


In recognition of his achievements and contributions in dance, choreography, and production, Jerry has been honored with industry and peer awards alike. Due to the fact that winners are selected by peer committee, one of the highest compliments a choreographer can receive is an American Choreographer Award. Much to his credit, Jerry was honored with an American Choreographer Award for Best Choreography in a Feature Film for his work in “The Mask”. In addition he has received the following awards: a Music Video Producers Award for Best Choreography for his work on Barbara Streisand’s video “Left in the Dark”; a National Academy of Dance Award for Best Choreography in a Television Variety for his work on the “Tracey Ullman Show”; and a THEA (Themed Entertainment Association Award) awarded for Best Live Show for his work on” Legend of Mythica” at Tokyo Disney Sea.

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